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Hi, my name is Lisa Kay and I have been a professional photographer for 6 years.  I call myself an artist. I love the out of box thinking pictures, the creative or the unexpected. I am a life style photographer who spcialize's in capturing a natural pose in a natural environment. Using natural light to capture the beauty of ones true skin color. I specialize in Family and children photography. I have a passion for children and to capture them in the moment.  I am a wedding and event photographer who loves to tell a story of a bride and groom there true love through my lens. I love senior Portraits, to make a young person feel good about them selfs there is nothing better.  Materinity Shoots are absolutely beautiful to see a mom 's  love  for her unborn child, there is noting like it. I am a story teller, I love to tell your story through my lens to make memories to last from generations to generations to come. I am enthusiastic, reliable, creative and fun and amazing with children photographer . Thank you Lisa Kay Photographer 

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